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Ace Cool Mint


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ACE Cool Mint produced by MINISTRY OF SNUS

Experience the Freshness: Ace Cool Mint Overview

Ace Cool Mint offers a refreshing and invigorating nicotine experience with its well-crafted pouches. Priced competitively at €3.90, these pouches are designed to satisfy with a medium strength of 16mg of nicotine per pouch, ensuring a balanced experience for users. Each tin contains 20 slim-format pouches, making them discreet and comfortable for everyday use.

The Ace Quality: Crafted by Ministry of Snus

Ace Cool Mint is a testament to the Danish quality it represents, being produced by the reputable Ministry of Snus. These 100% tobacco-free nicotine pouches are a part of the brand's commitment to offering premium, enjoyable alternatives for adult smokers and nicotine users. With 16 mg/g nicotine and 10.4 mg per bag, Ace Cool Mint delivers a consistent and enjoyable experience.

Why Choose Ace Cool Mint?

Selecting Ace Cool Mint means choosing a product that combines quality, convenience, and satisfaction. Whether you're looking to switch from traditional tobacco products or seeking a discreet nicotine option, Ace Cool Mint provides a reliable and enjoyable solution. Its minty freshness and medium strength make it suitable for both new and experienced nicotine pouch users.