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Elf bar Blueberry.

Elf bar Blueberry
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10 FOR 59 €
Elf bar Blueberry.

Elf bar Blueberry
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€10,00 €6,90




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Europesnus place great emphasis on providing a good service for our customers. When you are happy, we are happy! Europesnus have some of Europe's sharpest prices on our products and always try to make it as cheap as possible. Europesnus strive do have all orders delivered 3-5 days after payment depending on the customers' location in Europe. Additionally, we use safe payment providers such as PayPal and Credit card. At our webshop you will find nicotine pouches / Snus and vapes. Nicotine pouches are far less harmful to health than smoking and snuff, and can therefore be used as a substitute product. The products on do not contain tobacco and do therefore not containt the same carcinogens found in snus and cigarettes. Nicotine pouches still contain nicotine which is addictive and can be dangerous to health to an unknown extent. If you are from Denmark, we can serve you from or danish snus-shop:

What are snus and nicotine pouches?
Snus consists of tobacco with added water, salts, flavors, humectants and pH-regulating substances. Snus is smokeless tobacco, which is not smoked, but instead taken orally. It also contains nicotine, which is addictive. Smokeless tobacco is a term for all non-smoking tobacco. This includes snus and chewing tobacco as oblique, but also tobacco leaves for chewing and dry snus. Snus and nicotine pouches are very similar to each other, however, there is the difference that nicotine pouches do not contain tobacco.

How do snus and nicotine pouches work?
Snus / Nicotine pouches is absorbed through the oral mucosa as you place the nicotine pouch under the upper lip. Via the mucous membranes of the mouth, it enters the bloodstream and to the rest of the body. If this is the first time you are using nicotine pouches, it may feel uncomfortable and cause nausea as your body is not used to that amount of nicotine.

How long should snus and nicotine pouches be in the mouth?
Typically, you can leave nicotine bags for 10-20 minutes. - however, it depends on how much nicotine is in. The stronger the nicotine bag, the shorter the time it must be in the mouth. However, the body will eventually get used to the amount of nicotine and it will therefore not have the same effect as the first time. It can be compared to coffee, where the body gets used to the amount of caffeine you drink.

Can you get tobacco-free snus? Yes! Tobacco-free snus is nicotine pouches, which of course do not contain tobacco. These are available in many varieties and flavors, however, one can still become addicted to the nicotine.

Snus vs. Cigarettes - Neither snuff nor cigarettes are healthy for your body. However, there are indications that snus is “healthier” than cigarettes, as it contains far fewer carcinogens than cigarettes and smoking tobacco in general. In Scandinavia, snus is also pasteurized tobacco, which means that it contains fewer carcinogens than traditional snus from other countries. Nicotine pouches are tobacco-free and therefore do not contain the same carcinogens as snus and cigarettes.

What are nicotine pouches?
Nicotine bags are small white bags that contain nicotine, but not tobacco (therefore also called snus without tobacco). Nicotine pouches usually last longer than traditional snus. A nicotine pouch contains plant fibers, salt, aromas, water and nicotine. The history behind nicotine pouches is relatively new in contrast to snus. However, the two share many similarities and are therefore often confused with each other even though they are not the same product. Nicotine pouches first appeared in 2018, whereas snus has been around for many centuries.

Is there an age limit for nicotine pouches?
Yes, you must be 18 years old to buy nicotine pouches in Europe - the same applies of course at

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