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Iceberg Snus

Iceberg snus is one of the strongest varieties we have at NikoPouches, they can be found with anything between 75-150 mg of nicotine. We have one of the largest ranges of Iceberg snus, where we have as many as 17 different flavours of the strong ones, among these 17 we have Energy, Cola, Lemonade, Bubblegum and many more. All flavours are priced at 5,00€ for a can, regardless of whether they are the strong ones or the ones with 20 mg. Interested in buying larger quantities for business? Send us a message by clicking the wholesale button above.

Best before date on Iceberg snus

The shelf life of Iceberg snus is 1 year. The date is shown on the box as the production date. This means that on all Iceberg tubs the best before date is 1 year + the date written on the tub. It is also written on the cans.

Iceberg snus

Find many different Iceberg flavours on this site. Iceberg snus does not contain tobacco - but is categorised as nicotine sachets, which provide the same effect.

Iceberg snus flavours

We have many different varieties of Iceberg. Try our popular Iceberg Cola, as the name suggests, tastes like cola! Iceberg cola snus contains 75 mg of nicotine.

If the taste of chewing gum tempts, Iceberg bubblegum snus is an obvious choice. Iceberg bubblegum also contains 150 mg of nicotine per can.

You can also try Iceberg energy snus, which contains 75 mg of nicotine per tin.

Iceberg Lemonade contains a fresh lemonade/sprite flavour and 75 mg of nicotine per can.

Iceberg snus mg

Iceberg snus mg were between 75-120 nicotine. Iceberg Energy and Iceberg Cola both contained 75 grams, while ICEBERG Black Prince contained 150 grams of nicotine and is on of the strongest variety. All the varieties are between 75-150 and are some of the strongest in our assortment!

Buy ICEBERG snus online
At EuropeSnus you will find a large selection of nicotine pouches, colloquially known as snus, which are 100% tobacco-free. Although the products contain no trace of tobacco, the effect is the same as the bags release nicotine when placed under the lip. In recent years, snus has become increasingly popular and many people are giving up cigarettes in favour of these nicotine sachets, as the effect is similar to that of smoking cigarettes. You will find a large selection of different variants on our website and we always recommend that you research the market thoroughly before making your purchase.

The bags contain 75-150 mg of nicotine, which makes them incredibly strong nicotine bags that beginners should avoid. On our website you will find detailed information about the different variants so you can choose the right one for you. The options are many and Iceberg nicotine pouches come in a wide range of flavours, which also vary in nicotine content.

You'll find popular flavours such as cola, lemonade, mint, gum and a whole host of others. Only imagination sets the limits when it comes to new versions of nicotine sachets from Iceberg, and the many different variants are a testament to great creativity. As we all know, taste is an individual matter, and this also applies to nicotine sachets. The bags are placed under the upper lip, where they release nicotine while you go about your everyday duties. Iceberg is one of the leading manufacturers in this market, and this can be seen from the wide range and variety of nicotine bags that you will find in the Iceberg range. Each box contains 20 bags and lasts for one year. The date of production is shown on the tin and the shelf life is one year from that date. We do NOT offer volume discounts, but our prices reflect the costs we incur in handling orders. These costs are minimised by purchasing several tubs at once, and we think it is only fair that this saving is also felt by our customers. For this reason, you can obtain a lower price per tub if you buy several of the same kind, as we use fewer resources on this type of order.

At EuropeSnus we pride ourselves on good customer service and fast delivery, and this benefits our customers every day. It should be quick and easy to have nicotine bags delivered to your parcel or home address, and we also offer great freedom of choice on delivery. If price is more important than fast delivery, you have the option of cheap delivery to a parcel shop near you.

Our customer service team are on hand to answer any questions you may have. Our strong focus on customer service and fast delivery can be seen in our high customer satisfaction, and currently we have a TrustPilot score of 4.8/5.0.