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Siberia snus and chewing tobacco

Chewing tobacco is somewhat more coarse cut than snus, which means that it can be chewed, whereas snus should only be taken orally

The mainstream consumer has more choices in terms of the products he or she consumes. This is why the performance of some products is different from what it used to be and has now become more user-friendly.

As a result of progress, chewing tobacco can now be bought in a very convenient form - in chewing pouches.

The production of Siberia chewing tobacco

The tobacco is cut into small fractions for chewing tobacco, if snuff is made the tobacco is ground into fine dust. Due to this difference it starts to give a different feeling than what you are used to in comparison with classic snus and nicotine pouches.

Paper for chewing tobacco is more resistant to all kinds of manipulation than snuff paper, but it is advised not to chew all the way through, but to enjoy a light nibble. The product can also be taken orally, like nicotine sachets, where you simply stick a piece under your upper lip.

Siberia snus design

The can itself is just like you'd expect from other products, plastic containers with lids. In addition, it comes with the red and white design also called the "red gold", which the vast majority of consumers are already familiar with.

Siberia snus at EuropeSnus

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