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Velo snus has changed its name from Lyft. This is happening across Europe. Velo is produced by BAT, the world's second largest tobacco company. If you need larger quantities for business, we can be contacted here and get cans at special prices. Velo Snus comes in different flavours such as Mint, peppermint and many others. Additionally, most of the flavors come in thin/smooth pouches which is normal for nicotine pouches.

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Velo X-Freeze Max

Velo X-Freeze Max
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What is Velo?

Velo has a natural white colour and is made from plant fibres, salt, water and flavourings.

Velo is the new Lyft, which naturally makes it take its place as the undisputed favourite snus brand of the Danes. Velo, like its predecessor, also comes from Sweden and is nicknamed "the white snus".

What makes Velo snus a success?

One of the biggest reasons is certainly that Velo contains only "white snus". This type gives you the same amount of nicotine as other brands, but without containing tobacco. This helps Velo not stain your teeth like other brands can, making it easier to hide in social settings.

Furthermore, there are several advantages of Velo snus, for example Velo has a wide portfolio of products, with all kinds of different flavours like mandarin, passion fruit, mango, peppermint, menthol (we have made a list further down the page with the specific products). With so many different flavours, you're guaranteed to find one you like, while still meeting your nicotine needs. Velo is purely on the mild end strength-wise, but is also available with slightly different nicotine levels to satisfy the consumer, though how much it hits varies from person to person depending on how hardened you are.

Velo snus facts

Velo snus can be bought at different prices depending on the variant and how many you buy. A single Velo Freeze costs 5,60€- but if you order more than 10 tubs the price is 5€- per tub and so on. You can see the prices on the website.

-Velo Freeze contains 16 mg nicotine -Velo Ice Cool contains 14 mg nicotine -Velo Tropic Breeze contains 15.5 mg nicotine -Velo Winter Chill contains 16 mg nicotine

LYFT changes name to VELO

The popular and renowned Swedish manufacturer of nicotine sachets, previously known as lyft, has changed its name to VELO. LYFT is one of the market's leading manufacturers of so-called white snus, nicotine-containing sachets that are placed under the upper lip, where the nicotine is released and absorbed through the gums. These are 100% tobacco-free products and white snus is becoming increasingly popular. These pouches release nicotine which is similar to the amount produced by traditional snus. However, traditional snus has the side effect of often discolouring teeth due to brown liquid produced when tobacco is mixed with saliva in the mouth. Many people use snus in public or at night, where most want to avoid obvious traces of snus use. Although the name has changed, it is still the same quality you know and demand when you buy white snus.

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