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Pablo snus is one of the strongest variants we have - not only because of the 30 mg. nicotine, but also the fast nicotine release. The product is not for beginners! Pablo snus is produced by N.G.P empire who also produce Killa, Xtrime and Lips. If you intend to buy large quantities for business then we can be contacted by clicking on the wholesale button at the end of the menu bar above. Pablo comes in 3 different flavours all with 30mg nicotine, Ice Cold, Red and X Ice Cold.

Pablo snus story

Pablo is produced in Aalborg in the same way as Killa and other brands are. Their history has many common denominators including their start in Latvia and their action in various markets. The company behind NGP Empire, has been in business for many years now. Their latest addition, Pablo red, has quickly become essential for consumers and themselves alike.

About Pablo snus

You can get one can of Pablo Ice Cold for 5,20€

There are 20 pieces per tin.

Nicotine pouches are designed for the adult nicotine user who is looking for a simple, easy to use, high potency product to suit their nicotine needs. Our products are designed for recreational use and for adults only. Most of our users are adults who want a different form of nicotine.

Pablo snus flavours?

You can get Pablo snus in three different flavours.

Pablo Ice Cold
Pablo X Ice Cold
Pablo Red

Pablo in practice

Pablo kicks hard - plata o plomo - as they say. However, Pablo snus has been slightly downgraded in the latest update, so it 'only' contains 30 mg. But don't worry it hits just as hard as it always does.

Our products come in a pouch and contain nicotine that you place under your upper lip, so in many ways they're like Swedish snus. However, our products do not contain tobacco. That small but very important difference means our pouches are fresh.

This is very different from person to person. The effect of nicotine sachets generally takes about an hour. The average consumer uses a Pablo and other nicotine sachets for between 20-40 minutes, but as mentioned earlier, what suits you is very individual.

Pablo is widely regarded as the fastest snus on the entire market, but what does that mean? This means that compared to almost all other brands, Pablo has the fastest release of nicotine and therefore hits fast and hard.