What is LYFT? Everything you need to know about LYFT nicotine bags

Nov 14, 2021Casper Rehne

What is Lyft?

LYFT is a popular nicotine brand owned by British American Tobacco. BAT is considered to be the world's largest tobacco company and is headquartered in London. The company was founded in 1902 and sells everything from cigarettes to nicotine products.  

LYFT is reminiscent of snus, as it is found in a small bag - also called a nicotine bag. The color of the product is white and ingested in the same way as snus.

Snus is illegal to sell in Denmark, but it is not nicotine bags as they do not contain tobacco. Everyone over the age of 18 can therefore buy LYFT and other nicotine products. 

LYFT can be seen as an alternative for you who want a smoke-free way to ingest nicotine. 

You can find all our LYFT variants here!

Is LYFT snus?

There are many who confuse LyFT with snuff, but it is actually nicotine bags. The difference between snus and nicotine bags is that nicotine bags do not contain tobacco. 

The nicotine used in LYFT is extracted from tobacco leaves and then other ingredients are added. The ingredients consist of fiber, salt, water and aromas. So nothing is processed to give the product its white color - it is completely natural. 

How is LYFT used?

LIFT is used like snus and all other nicotine bags by placing a bag under the upper lip, after which the nicotine is absorbed through the gums. Subsequently, the bag is just spat out. 

How much nicotine does LYFT contain?

The most common nicotine content is 16 mg, but it can vary from product to product. 

We have made an overview of the nicotine content of the different products:

As can be seen in the overview, the products contain almost the same amount of nicotine. 

The cans contain either 20, 21 or 24 nicotine bags depending on the individual product. 

What does LYFT cost in Denmark?

In Denmark, LYFT costs 4,70 euro, - pr. bucket.

Is LYFT legal in Denmark?

Yes, LYFT is legal to sell and buy in Denmark. People are wondering why snus is so illegal. This is because snus contains tobacco. LYFT is 100% tobacco-free and is therefore legal to sell, as it does not fall under the current smoking law. 

Is LYFT dangerous?

One must be aware that LYFT can be dangerous to health. LYFT also contains nicotine, which is addictive. 

The Dental Association claims that snus can cause the gums to retract, making your teeth more visible. This gum does not come back and therefore does permanent damage. Nicotine bags irritate the oral mucosa, which in a kind of defense forms hard skin in the form of whitish, wrinkled stains where the bag has been. Fear not, however, these mucosal changes disappear when one stops taking nicotine bags.

LYFT nicotine bags are not suitable for use by: Persons under 18 years of age; people who are allergic / sensitive to nicotine; pregnant or lactating women; persons who, for medical reasons, should avoid using tobacco or nicotine products; or people with an unstable heart disease, severe hypertension or diabetes. Always keep LYFT products out of the reach of children.

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