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Zyn snus is produced by Swedish Match, a multinational tobacco company that produces nicotine pouches, snus and much more.

Who is ZYN snus and facts?

ZYN snus are nicotine sachets which are 100% tobacco free. ZYN snus are strong nicotine pouches containing 6-20 mg of nicotine.

You can get all ZYN snus variants for 5,70€ per can.

ZYN snus is used in the same way as all other nicotine pouches. You place the nicotine pouch under your upper lip and spit it out after 5-30 minutes. ZYN is 100% tobacco-free.

ZYN contains 20 nicotine pouches in each can.

Best Zyn snus flavour

This is a matter of taste and depends on who you are. All ZYN nicotine pouches contain 6-20 mg of nicotine per 1 gram, so they are all extra strong. Zyn Cool Mint is the most popular among consumers. We've made a list of the different pods just below the section here. In addition to Cool Mint, we also have the always fresh Ginger Blood, which tastes of ginger and blood orange. The choices are almost endless so you just have to find your favourite

ZYN Cool Mint
ZYN Ginger Blood
ZYN Espressino
ZYN Deep Freeze
ZYN Dark Frost

WHAT'S IN THE Zyn snus bag?

Apart from nicotine salt, ZYN snus contains only food-grade ingredients.

NICOTINE SALT (nicotine bitartrate dihydrate): a pharmaceutical version of the same nicotine salt found naturally in tobacco leaves and used to provide nicotine-free nicotine satisfaction.
STABILISERS (Hydroxypropylcellulose): A plant-based food additive used to maintain the consistency of the pouch.
FILLERS (microcrystalline cellulose, maltitol and gum arabic): Ingredients used to add bulk to each pouch. Commonly found in chewing gum.
pH INGREDIENTS (sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate): Minerals used to help adjust pH levels.
SUGAR SUBSTANCES (Acesulfame K): Sugar substitute often used in various liquids.
FLAVOURS (Food Grade Flavourings): Natural additives used to try to make the flavour of each pouch.

Zyn not for children

Zyn snus and nicotine sachets in general are not recommended for children and people under 18 in any way. This is for multiple reasons including if you start using snus, chewing tobacco or nicotine pouches as a young person, you risk becoming addicted to the nicotine. Nicotine addiction can be costly in the long run if it gets out of hand, in addition to potentially causing health problems.