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Lyft snus is now called VELO, although it still contains 100% the same content, strength and taste as before. If you would like to purchase larger quantities for business at different prices, please contact The name change of Lyft is happening globally as BAT will now have their entire range under one name. Lyft snus is the most popular and oldest brand in Europe. LYFT are nicotine pouches produced by BAT, the world's second largest tobacco company. This ensures that the quality is always top notch. LYFT has a natural white colour and is made from plant fibres, salt, water and flavourings.

What is LYFT?

LYFT is undisputedly the most popular snus brand in Europe. LYFT has become extremely popular in a very short time. LYFT comes from Sweden and is also called the "white snus", as it is completely white.
Why has LYFT become so popular?
One of the reasons is certainly that LYFT contains only "white snus". This type gives you the same amount of nicotine as other snus brands, while containing no tobacco. This results in LYFT not staining your teeth when it is in your mouth. This is a huge advantage if you use it in public for example when you are out on the town.
With regular snus, a brown liquid from the snus bag often runs over your teeth, which can discolour them with prolonged use. This can be avoided by taking LYFT snus.
In addition to these benefits, LYFT is available in several different flavours. You can get mandarin, passion fruit, mango, peppermint, menthol (we have made a list further down the page with the specific products). The different flavours make LYFT taste good and help you to meet your nicotine needs at the same time.
On the strength scale, LYFT snus is at the milder end, but at the same time available with slightly different nicotine contents to meet consumers' needs. However, how hard it hits can vary greatly from person to person - it all depends on how much nicotine each person is used to consuming.

Lyft snus price:

LYFT snus can be bought at different prices depending on the variant and how many you buy. A single LYFT Freeze costs €5,6 but if you order more than 10 cans the price is €5,00 per can. You can see the prices here. 

How many mg of nicotine are in LYFT?

- LYFT Freeze contains 16 mg nicotine -LYFT Ice Cool contains 14 mg nicotine -LYFT Tropic Breeze contains 15.5 mg nicotine-LYFT Winter Chill contains 16 mg nicotine

How is LYFT used?

You place the white nicotine pouch under your lip and the nicotine is then absorbed through your gums. More, LYFT snus is tobacco-free.
How many pieces of snus are in a pack of LYFT?
Depending on which variant you choose, the pack contains either 20 or 24 nicotine sachets. LYFT Freeze, Ice Cool and Winter chill variants contain 24 bags, while LYFT Tropic Breeze contains 20 bags.

LYFT variants:

LYFT is available in several flavours. We have listed the different LYFT flavours here:- LYFT Freeze has peppermint and menthol flavours and is one of the strongest nicotine pouches we have.

- LYFT Ice Cool Strong has a peppermint and menthol flavour.
- LYFT Winter Chill has a taste of wintergreen berries and menthol. Winter Chill is one of the strongest nicotine pouches we have.
- LYFT Tropic Breeze tastes of mandarin, passion fruit and mango.

Which LYFT is the strongest?

LYFT Freeze and LYFT Winter Chill are the strongest of all the collections we have, as they both contain 16mg of nicotine.
What is Lyft ?
Lyft is the name of one of the leading manufacturers of so-called white snuff, which comes from Sweden. These are white nicotine sachets, hence the name, which release nicotine when placed under the upper lip, just like traditional snus containing tobacco. White snus is becoming increasingly popular as it provides the same amount of nicotine as the tobacco-based varieties. When using tobacco snus, people often experience discolouration of the mouth and teeth as brown liquid is produced during use. This problem does not occur with snus, which is why many people prefer this type.

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At EuropeSnus, we specialise in smokeless but nicotine-containing products and you'll find a great selection. The range varies greatly, both in terms of flavours and nicotine content, so we recommend that you read up on the different flavours before choosing. The size of the tubs varies, but the standard bags from lyft contain 20 bags, which is typical for tubs of white snus. If you want more bags, you can choose Lyft xl, which contains 24 bags.

Here you will find cheap Lyft

We do NOT offer volume discounts, but as we have a lower cost per tin when handling larger orders, we think it's only fair that this saving is also felt by our customers. Therefore, the price of each tub will also be less when you buy several at once.

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At EuropeSnus we pride ourselves on customer service and fast delivery, and we give great freedom of choice to our customers. We guarantee you'll have your order in your hands tomorrow, as long as you order weekdays before 4pm and choose delivery by PostNord. If price is the most important thing for you, you can also have your order delivered to a parcel shop near you, which is a cheaper option. Our customer service is available every day of the week, where you can chat with our competent and friendly staff, who are ready to answer any questions you may have.

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See more on our website where you can find detailed information about the different products. Here you can see the different flavours and read about the nicotine content of the different bags. The nicotine content varies a lot and this is important to be aware of, as the strongest flavours are definitely not suitable for beginners.