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Discover the revolutionary LIPS nicotine pouches - the perfect choice for those seeking a medium strength, tobacco-free alternative. Made with high-quality ingredients and containing 16mg of nicotine per 1 gram, our LIPS snus is designed to provide a smooth and satisfying experience. With a variety of flavors to choose from, you're sure to find your new favorite.

And at a price point of €4.30 per can, why not try them all? Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your nicotine game - buy LIPS snus today and experience the difference for yourself! Discover the power of LIPS - the strongest tobacco-free nicotine pouches on the market!


Experience the intensity of LIPS Snus

Are you looking for a strong and satisfying nicotine experience? Look no further than LIPS! Our medium strength pouches contain a potent 16mg of nicotine per pouch, ensuring a powerful hit every time. And, because LIPS are 100% tobacco-free, you can enjoy the rush without the harshness of traditional tobacco products.

Get the best deal on LIPS Snus

At, we're proud to offer all LIPS variants for just €4.30 per can. That's 20 pouches per can, each packed with a powerful 16mg of nicotine. And, with our BIG DISCOUNTS, you'll save even more on your LIPS purchase. Don't miss out - stock up now and experience the intensity of LIPS for yourself!

Easy to use and discreet

Using LIPS is easy - simply place the pouch under your upper lip and enjoy the rush for 5-30 minutes. And, because LIPS are discreet and easy to use, you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere. Plus, with Lips orginal flavour, it is the most popular with consumers, and it is the only one we have in stock at the moment.

18+ only

Please note that LIPS are for adult use only. While the effects of nicotine on teenagers have not been definitively proven, it is suspected that exposure at a young age can disrupt brain development. So, please make sure to use LIPS responsibly and only if you are 18 or older.

Shop now and buy Lips Snus

Don't wait - shop now and stock up on LIPS at With our wide selection and unbeatable prices, we're your go-to source for the strongest and most satisfying nicotine pouches on the market. So, don't wait - buy LIPS snus today and experience the intensity for yourself!