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CORVUS snus is a strong product. We got a small selection with two different strengths. One strong with 30 mg and one extreme with 40 mg with a taste of menthol and the pouches come in normal sizes. Both products are priced at 5,00€, regardless of weather it is the strong or extreme one. Are you interested in buying a large amount? Then messages us with our contact information above in wholesale.

CORVUS Flavor and mg

We got two variations but both with the same taste, menthol. By saying that, the strength is the only difference whereas the extreme one is a bit stronger than the strong version. 

The strong one contains 30 mg and the extreme one contain 40 mg.


Both CORVUS strong and CORVUS extreme can be purchased for 5,00€.

Does CORVUS contain tobacco or/and nicotine?

CORVUS is a tobacco-free snus and thereby contains only nicotine. For that reason, the white pouches do not contain tobacco but only nicotine and that doesn't mean it doesn't give you the same effect. Nicotine and tobacco are familiar when it comes to the effect but only nicotine in it.