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FLAE is our brand new collection that we in our workshop want to offer to you. This new product line consists of only one variant at the moment, which is Energy drink. It contains 50 mg of nicotine which means that the product is a strong variant and it is the cheapest product you can find in our shop for only 3,50€ each can. However, in the future, we will bring some other variants which will please our customers with different tastes, for example, Freeze and Ice Cool. Are you interested to try something new and want to make a deal? Then contact us by clicking on wholesale on top. 

Nicotine content and price

FLAE contains 50 mg of nicotine which is a bit and thereby a strong product according to the strength. There is also written "extreme" on the cans which refers it to being a strong product. Each can also contain 20 pieces of pouches. The pouch is in a slim format, which means it is easy to use. 

Each can are priced at 3,50€ which is the cheapest collection in our shop with no other products compared. 


We only got one flavor right now which is Energy drink but will update other flavors as soon as possible, if the Energy drink is gonna be a success. FLAE is our product and by saying that, we are the first one to sell it. 

Does FLAE contain tobacco?

FLAE does not contain tobacco. It is nicopouches which means that it only contains nicotine and is thereby tobacco-free. Compared to snus, which contains tobacco, the white pouches are less likely to damage your gum.