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Nordic Spirit snus are nicotine bags, which are 100% free of tobacco, at the moment our range contains only 3 different variants, Berry Citrus, Elderflower and Smooth Mint, there is however the possibility that there will be a lot more variants, read more about this further down the page! Nordic Spirit snus costs 5,70€ for a single can and contains 20 pouches. If you need a large quantity of Nordic Spirit for your business, please feel free to contact us at 

What/who is Nordic Spirit snus?

Nordic Snus, the creators of Nordic Spirit, are one of the few to have introduced a completely new aspect to snus. After two years of research and development, Nordic Snus finally released their new snus on July 18, 2018. The new generation was Nordic Spirit True White, an all white snus with no tobacco and natural plant fibres and nicotine

Nordic Spirit are nicotine pouches that are 100% tobacco free. Nordic Spirit snus are strong nicotine sachets, which contain 14 mg. nicotine.

You can get all Nordic Spirit variants for 5,70€ per can.

Nordic Spirit is used in the same way as all other nicotine pouches. You place the nicotine bag under your upper lip and spit it out after 5-30 minutes. Nordic Spirit is 100% tobacco-free.

Nordic Spirit contains 20 nicotine pouches in each can.

Customers' favourite Nordic Spirit snus

This is a matter of taste and depends on who you are. All Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches contain 6-20 mg nicotine per 1 gram, so they are all medium/strong. Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus is the most popular among consumers. Besides Berry Citrus we have the refreshing Elderflower with elderflower flavour, last but not least we have the well-known mint flavour that you know from several other brands

We have made a list of the different products here:

Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus
Nordic Spirit Elderflower
Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint

Nordic Spirit snus size

Nordic Spirit nicotine bags are available in two different sizes - Standard and Mini. Some find Mini more comfortable to use, but Standard offers a wider range of flavours and nicotine strengths to choose from.

Nordic Spirit Mini bags are a good choice for adult nicotine users who are new to using nicotine bags, as the smaller bag size sits comfortably under the lip for a more discreet appearance. Mini is only available in Mint, with a 3Mg nicotine strength. However, we don't currently sell mini, but be on the lookout for them in the future.

Nordic Spirit standard pouches are the original and most popular size and are available in Mint, Bergamot Wildberry, Elderflower, Spearmint and Mocha. Standard Mint, Bergamot Wildberry and Spearmint pouches are available in Regular, Strong and Extra Strong nicotine strengths. Elderflower bags are available in Regular and Strong nicotine strengths. Our range does not include all Nordic Spirit snus flavours at this time, however there is a chance that we may bring some new variants in at some point