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Brief history of Oden snus

Historically, many nations, from the ancient Mayans to Central Asia, have tobacco traditions, some of them nasal and others oral, such as African Cheema, Swedish snus, Asian Nasvai, American deep and chewing tobacco.

The modern consumer has become more demanding and selective about the products he uses. This is why the performance of some products is different and until now has become more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

As a result of progress, chewing tobacco can now be purchased in a very convenient form - in chewing pouches.

How Odens chewing tobacco is made

The tobacco is cut into small fractions for chewing tobacco, if snuff is made the tobacco is ground into fine dust. Because of this difference, the nicotine only begins to actively enter the oral cavity when the consumer chews the chewing tobacco pouch.

The consumer can thus control the release of nicotine from the tobacco by activating the chewing action and he controls when and how much nicotine he needs, whereas the nicotine release from snus is constant and uncontrolled.

Paper for chewing tobacco is more resistant to all kinds of manipulation than snuff paper, but we advise our customers not to chew the bags almost completely, but to enjoy a light nibble.

The Odens snus can

The chewing tobacco box itself is just like the nicotine bags, plastic containers with lids. Besides this, it comes of course with the classic Odens design that the vast majority of consumers are already familiar with.

Odens at EuropeSnus

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