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Poke snus is produced in Denmark by Future Tobacco, based in Brøndby.

The product is a mild snus with a medium strength which means every inexperienced can get a taste for it as well. Poke snus comes in a slim format which will be easy to put under the lips. As for Poke snus, we got two different variants, mint and raspberry, both with a tasteful flavor. Are you interested in buying a large amount? Then messages us with our contact information above in wholesale.

Nicotine amount in Poke Snus

Each can contain 15 mg of nicotine in both raspberry and mint. Within all cans are there an amount of 20 pieces. 

Flavor and price of Poke Snus

We have a small variation of the collection. It comes in two different tastes, Poke Raspberry and Poke Mint.

Our two variants Poke Raspberry and Poke Mint can be purchased for 5,60€.

Does Poke Snus contain tobacco?

The white pouches from this product do not contain tobacco. That means it is tobacco-free snus and it only contains nicotine, which is similar to tobacco snus and gives you the same effect.