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Shiro by AG snus from Sweden is 100% tobacco-free. There are 4 different flavours sold on this website, all the different flavours have different numbers after the name to make it easy for consumers. Of the 4 different variants, the 3 of them are with Mint in different variations and strengths, the last one is with red berries. Shiro snus comes with a nicotine strength of between 8-15.5 mg depending on which product you choose. If you have in mind to use larger quantities of Shiro for business, we can be contacted at any time at 

What is Shiro snus

Shiro bags are nicotine bags produced by AG snus in Sweden - as shown by the Shiro boxes, which are similar to LYFT and Epok snus boxes. It's still handy with a small section on the side to hold your used bags (use this if there's no bin nearby, rather than throwing your used bags on the ground).

Shiro snus are nicotine bags that are 100% tobacco free. Shiro snus are medium nicotine pouches containing 8-15.5 mg. nicotine.

You can get all Shiro varieties for 5,70€ per can.

Shiro is used in the same way as all other nicotine Pouches. You place the nicotine sachet under your upper lip and spit it out after 5-30 minutes. Shiro is 100% tobacco-free.

Shiro contains 21 nicotine pouches in each can.

Which Shiro snus is best?

This is a matter of taste and depends on who you are. All Shiro nicotine pouches contain 8-15.5 mg of nicotine per 1 gram, so they are all average. Shiro 02 Cooling Mint Strong Slim is the most popular among consumers. We've made a list of the different products here:

Shiro 02 Cooling Mint Strong Slim
Shiro 06 Sour Red Berry Medium Slim
Shiro 03 Tingling Mint Extra Strong Slim
Shiro 01 Fresh Mint Medium Slim
Each product has its own flavour and strength. So if you like mint or berries then Shiro snus has the flavour for you.

Cheap Shiro Snus at EuropeSnus

At EuropeSnus our first priority is that our customers are satisfied, therefore if you order before 14 with Postnord, GLS or DPD your package will be packed and shipped the next day, this applies only on weekdays, if you order at the weekend your package will be packed and send on Monday.

Shiro snus 18+

Our nicotine bags are intended for people over 18, this is due to tobacco law. Furthermore, it can have a negative effect on people under 18 both physically and mentally. This is because your brain is not fully developed until you are around 22 years old.