5 x Ace Mixpack

5 x Ace Mixpack


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Delve into the Ace Collection, where premium quality meets unparalleled flavor innovation in the snus world. This selection is curated to provide an extraordinary taste adventure, highlighting unique blends that are sure to impress even the most discerning palates.

This mixpack includes:

  • Explore Ace Cool Mint: Experience the ultimate refreshment with a crisp, cooling sensation of mint that invigorates your senses and delivers a smooth, long-lasting flavor.

  • Explore Ace X Cosmic: Embark on a flavor journey that's out of this world with Cosmic, a blend that combines surprising elements for a truly unique snus experience.

  • Explore Ace X Cool Mint: Dive deeper into the coolness with an enhanced mint flavor that's even more intense and refreshing, perfect for mint lovers seeking an extra kick.

  • Explore Ace Citrus: Awaken your taste buds with the zesty, bright flavors of citrus, offering a tangy and refreshing taste experience that's perfectly balanced and invigorating.

  • Explore Ace X Guarana Chilli: Ignite your senses with the electrifying blend of guarana and chilli, a unique combination that delivers an energizing kick and a spicy finish for a bold and distinctive snus experience.

Discover the distinctive tastes and innovation of the Ace Collection.