5 x Velo Mixpack

5 x Velo Mixpack


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Introducing our latest Velo Collection, featuring a range of invigorating flavors designed to elevate your experience. Each product embodies our dedication to quality and innovation, offering a refreshing burst of flavor with every pouch.

This mixpack contains:

Velo Mint: Refresh your senses with the cool and crisp taste. A classic flavor that leaves you feeling revitalized with every pouch.

Velo Freeze: Immerse yourself in the icy sensation. A refreshing blast of menthol that invigorates your palate and leaves a lasting coolness.

Velo Ice Cool: Experience the ultimate refreshment. A harmonious blend of mint and menthol that delivers a burst of freshness with every pouch.

Velo Mighty Peppermint Max: Unleash the boldness of peppermint. A powerful flavor that awakens your senses and leaves a lasting impression.

Velo Peppermint Mighty Ultra: Elevate your experience with. A bold and intense flavor that delivers an exhilarating burst of minty freshness.

Indulge in the diverse range of flavors offered by our Velo Collection and discover your new favorite today.