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Ace Extreme Cool


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 ACE Extreme Cool contains 

Taste Peppermint
Format Slim
Nicotine 16 mg.
Pieces in can 20
Strength Medium

Ace Extreme Cool: The Ultimate Chill

Ace Extreme Cool nicotine pouches are the epitome of freshness, offering a blast of peppermint flavor that's both intense and invigorating. Priced at €5.90, each tin contains 20 slim-format pouches, each with 16mg of nicotine, providing a robust yet balanced experience for those seeking a stronger sensation.

Flavor and Strength: A Potent Mix

The peppermint taste of Ace Extreme Cool is not just a flavor; it's an experience that invigorates the senses. Each pouch is designed to deliver a potent kick with 16mg of nicotine per gram, totaling 10.4mg per piece. This 100% tobacco-free option ensures a consistent and powerful experience from start to finish.

Design and Format: Sleek and Subtle

Ace Extreme Cool pouches come in a sleek, discreet design, perfect for those who prefer a more subtle approach to their nicotine experience. The slim format ensures comfort and convenience, making it easy to enjoy the intense peppermint flavor anytime, anywhere.

Quality and Assurance: The Ace Standard

As a member of the Ace family, produced by the renowned Ministry of Snus, Ace Extreme Cool represents the pinnacle of quality and innovation. Each pouch is crafted with care and precision, ensuring every user enjoys the premium experience synonymous with the Ace brand.

Dive into the intense world of Ace Extreme Cool and let the robust peppermint flavor and potent nicotine strength transform your daily routine into an exhilarating journey.