Beer bar.

Beer bar


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We present the beer bar. A new and ingenious way to drink your beer with lightning speed with friends. And then, of course, it's insanely fun, and a sure winner to set a wild party going.

- Capacity: 2 beers = 0.67 l.

- Size: 40 cm.

- The beer is pressed with pressure

The popular beer bar is a new beer bong, which in recent years has really gained ground. It's a little different than a bong. The beer bar is filled with beer, after which you shoot the beer into the mouth of your party partner. That means the beer gets tied up in a few seconds. Ie. you do not like in a bong yourself can control the pace, and therefore only get the beer down. This makes it the WORLD's FASTEST WAY TO DRINK A BEER.

An ingenious and new way to bottom a beer that you must be the first to show! So hurry to buy before your friends, and remember to check out our other products.