Candy Grapes Bubblegum.

Candy Grapes Bubblegum


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Taste  Grapes Bubblegum
Format Slim
Nicotine 120 mg
Pieces in can 20
Strength Strong

Indulge in the Sweet and Fruity Candy Grapes Bubblegum Snus

Looking for a unique and delicious snus flavor? Try Candy Grapes Bubblegum - a tasty blend of juicy grapes and sweet bubblegum that will satisfy your cravings in no time. Made with quality ingredients and a powerful nicotine content of 120mg, this snus offers a strong kick that will keep you going throughout the day.

Candy Grapes Bubblegum comes in a slim format and contains 20 pieces per can, making it easy to carry around and enjoy on the go. And the best part? This snus doesn't contain tobacco, making it a healthier alternative to traditional snus products.

If you're a fan of sweet and fruity flavors, Candy Grapes Bubblegum is the perfect snus for you. So why wait? Buy Candy Grapes Bubblegum snus now and indulge in the delicious taste and powerful kick that this unique snus has to offer