Garant Extreme Licorice

Garant Extreme Licorice


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Taste  Licorice
Format Slim
Nicotine 50 mg.
Pieces in can 27
Strength Strong

Experience the Intensity: Liquorice Like Never Before

Embark on a journey where the deep, rich flavors of liquorice are masterfully blended with a potent nicotine content, creating an unparalleled experience. This slim-format nicotine pouch is crafted for those who crave the distinctive taste of liquorice combined with a powerful nicotine rush. With a formidable 50mg of nicotine and 27 pieces per can, it promises a strong and fulfilling adventure for your senses.

Deeply Satisfying Liquorice Adventure Our liquorice-flavored nicotine pouches offer a deep dive into the complex, satisfying essence of pure liquorice. Each pouch is a gateway to a flavor-rich experience, where the beloved taste of liquorice is intensified by a strong nicotine backbone. Designed for discreet enjoyment, these slim pouches provide a sophisticated way to satisfy your liquorice cravings anytime, anywhere.

A Bold Fusion of Flavor and Strength For those who appreciate the timeless taste of liquorice and desire a significant nicotine kick, this product is a perfect match. It represents a bold fusion of traditional flavor with modern strength, catering to the needs of the contemporary user who values quality and intensity in equal measure.

Elevating Liquorice to New Heights Our aim is to elevate the liquorice flavor experience beyond the ordinary. By combining the classic taste with an unmatched nicotine potency, we offer a unique product that stands out in the world of nicotine pouches. Whether you're a longstanding liquorice aficionado or a newcomer seeking a potent flavor experience, our pouches are designed to impress and satisfy.

Step Into a World of Enhanced Flavors We invite you to step into a world where the rich, complex flavors of liquorice are enhanced by extreme nicotine strength, offering a bold and invigorating experience. This is not just another nicotine pouch; it's a celebration of liquorice, reimagined for those who demand the best in flavor and potency. Join us in embracing the intensity and let this liquorice sensation transform your nicotine experience.