Iceberg Cherry Apricot Gum.

Iceberg Cherry Apricot Gum


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Taste Cherry Apricot
Format Slim
Nicotine 130 mg.
Pieces in can 20
Strength Incredibly strong / not for beginners

Satisfy Your Cravings with Iceberg Cherry Apricot Gum Snus

If you're looking for a snus with bold and unique flavors, Iceberg Cherry Apricot Gum is the perfect choice. This tobacco-free snus features a combination of cherry and apricot flavors, with a hint of gum for an exciting taste that will leave your taste buds begging for more.

In a slim format, this snus is easy to use and discreet, making it ideal for on-the-go use. However, it's incredibly strong and not recommended for beginners, with a nicotine content of 130mg and a bold taste that is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Each can of Iceberg Cherry Apricot Gum snus contains 20 pieces, giving you plenty to enjoy. So why wait? Buy Iceberg Cherry Apricot Gum snus today and indulge in its bold and unique flavors. Its incredible taste is sure to leave you feeling invigorated and satisfied.

And because it's tobacco-free, you can enjoy it without worrying about the harmful effects of tobacco. But be warned - this snus is not for the faint of heart. Whether you're an experienced snus user looking for a bold new flavor or simply looking for a snus that packs a punch, Iceberg Cherry Apricot Gum is the perfect choice. Order your can today and experience the bold flavors of this incredible snus.