Iceberg Dragonfire.

Iceberg Dragonfire 50mg


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Taste Japan flowers
Format Slim
Nicotine 50 mg.
Pieces in can 20
Strength Extra Strong / not for beginners


Ignite Your Senses: Iceberg Dragonfire 50mg Nicotine Pouches

Step into a realm of delicate aromas and intense strength with Iceberg Dragonfire 50mg, a nicotine pouch that's a testament to the daring. Crafted for those who aren't afraid to walk the path of intensity, this extra strong blend is specifically designed for experienced users. Each slim can is packed with 20 pouches, each containing a powerful 50 mg of nicotine for a profoundly satisfying experience.

Embrace the unique and exquisite taste of Japan flowers. This flavor is a rare and enchanting journey, offering a floral bouquet that's reminiscent of a serene Japanese garden. Each pouch encapsulates the delicate and refined essence of these blossoms, providing a gentle yet captivating taste that complements the robust nicotine kick. It's an invitation to indulge in a moment of tranquility and intensity, all at once.

Iceberg Dragonfire 50mg isn't just a nicotine pouch; it's a bridge to an exotic experience. The slim pouches ensure a discreet and comfortable fit, allowing you to enjoy your moments of intensity with grace and ease. Whether you're seeking a brief escape or a profound taste adventure, Iceberg Dragonfire is your perfect companion, providing that extra-strong kick with an extraordinary flavor.

Dive into the floral intensity with Iceberg Dragonfire 50mg nicotine pouches. Each pouch is a promise of consistency, quality, and an unparalleled sensory journey. Embrace the unique, embrace the powerful, and transform every moment into an extraordinary experience with Iceberg Dragonfire 50mg.