Killa Gold Freeze

Killa Gold Freeze


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Experience Intense Freshness with Killa Gold Freeze 16mg Nicotine Pouches

Taste Menthol and Mint
Format Slim
Nicotine 16 mg.
Pieces in can 20
Strength Extra strong

Step into a world of intense freshness with Killa Gold Freeze 16mg nicotine pouches. This refreshing blend of cooling menthol and fresh mint provides a strong nicotine kick coupled with an invigorating flavor profile that truly stands out.

Killa, a reputable name in the snus industry, presents this exceptional blend that skillfully unites the potent strength of 16mg nicotine with the revitalizing flavors of crisp menthol and mint. The slim pouch format ensures a comfortable and discreet experience, taking your snus journey to another level.

Each Killa Snus can contains 20 precisely prepared nicotine pouches, each brimming with a robust 16mg of nicotine. The Gold Freeze variant is a testament to Killa's innovative approach, offering an exhilarating menthol and mint experience balanced perfectly with high-quality, strong nicotine.

These potent nicotine pouches are designed for those who prefer a powerful nicotine experience enhanced with an invigorating, fresh flavor. Embrace the unique fusion of Menthol and Mint and feel the intense rush of 16mg nicotine strength with each Killa Gold Freeze pouch.

Experience the cooling sensation of frosty freshness encapsulated in these slim, discreet pouches. Elevate your snus journey with Killa Gold Freeze 16mg nicotine pouches today.

As you enjoy this intensely fresh experience, remember the strength of these pouches. Always consume responsibly, keeping in mind the high nicotine content.

Dive into the cooling world of Killa Snus. Choose the Gold Freeze 16mg nicotine pouches and unlock a snus experience that's refreshingly potent and incredibly satisfying.

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