Kurwa Collection Lemon Lime

Kurwa Collection Lemon Lime


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Taste Lemon & Lime 
Number of puffs 600
 Nicotine 20 mg/ml

Citrus Symphony: Kurwa Collection Lemon Lime E-Cigarette

Delight in the refreshing fusion of citrus with the Kurwa Collection Lemon Lime, an e-cigarette that artfully combines the zesty flavors of lemon and lime. Perfect for those who savor a crisp and tangy vaping experience, this device features a nicotine strength of 20 mg/ml, offering a vibrant and invigorating journey. Each e-cigarette is engineered to provide approximately 600 puffs, ensuring a long-lasting and enjoyable way to savor the bright and tangy notes of lemon and lime.

Experience the Zestful and Refreshing Flavor of Lemon & Lime. Kurwa Lemon Lime encapsulates the essence of these citrus favorites, offering a taste that's both sharp and exhilarating. The lively lemon and zesty lime flavors create a harmonious blend that's both stimulating and pleasing, perfect for vapers seeking a flavor that's both energetic and satisfying, enhanced by a robust nicotine hit.

Kurwa Collection Lemon Lime isn't just an e-cigarette; it's a citrus celebration. Each device is crafted for ease of use and convenience, allowing you to enjoy your vaping moments with effortless enjoyment. Whether you're in need of a tangy pick-me-up or a flavorful escape, Lemon Lime is your perfect vaping companion, delivering a consistent and high-quality experience with every puff.

Step into the world of citrus delights with the Kurwa Collection Lemon Lime E-Cigarette. This device is a testament to quality and pleasure, ensuring an intensely enjoyable experience that's as refreshing as it is satisfying. Embrace the tangy, embrace the zest, and transform every vaping session into a lemon-lime escapade with Kurwa Lemon Lime.