Kurwa Raspberry Strawberry

Kurwa Raspberry Strawberry


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Taste Raspberry & Strawberry
Format Slim
Nicotine 30 mg.
Pieces in can 18
Strength Extra strong

Discover a Fruitful Sensation with Kurwa Raspberry Strawberry 30mg Nicotine Pouches

Unearth a new dimension of flavor with Kurwa Raspberry Strawberry 30mg nicotine pouches. This tantalizing blend of juicy raspberry and sweet strawberry promises a delightful taste journey while delivering a robust nicotine punch.

Kurwa, a renowned name in the snus industry, offers this distinctive blend that flawlessly integrates the extra strong strength of 30mg nicotine with the luscious flavors of ripe raspberries and sun-kissed strawberries. Each slim pouch is designed for a comfortable, discreet fit, ensuring you savor every moment of your snus adventure.

Every can of Kurwa Snus encompasses 18 meticulously crafted nicotine pouches, each saturated with a potent 30mg of nicotine. The Raspberry Strawberry variant stands as a testament to Kurwa's commitment to flavor and quality, giving snus aficionados a unique taste sensation perfectly harmonized with the robust strength of high-caliber nicotine.

These extra strong nicotine pouches are tailored for those who crave a powerful nicotine experience paired with the rich allure of fruit flavors. Delight in the combined essence of Raspberry and Strawberry, feeling the impactful rush of 30mg nicotine strength with each Kurwa pouch.

Dive deep into the fruity brilliance contained in these slim and sleek pouches. Elevate your snus journey with Kurwa Raspberry Strawberry 30mg nicotine pouches and embark on a flavorful odyssey like no other.

As you indulge in this vibrant taste experience, always be mindful of the pouches' strength. Consume responsibly, acknowledging the nicotine content.

Step into the enticing world of Kurwa Snus. Opt for the Raspberry Strawberry 30mg nicotine pouches, and immerse yourself in a snus experience that's as potent as it is palatable.