Velo Winterchill.

Velo Winterchill


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Taste Mint
Format Slim
Nicotine 11 mg.
Pieces in can 21
Strength Extra strong


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Are you looking for a tobacco-free snus that can give you an intense and refreshing experience? Look no further than Velo Winterchill. With a delicious mint flavor and an extra strong nicotine kick of 11 mg, this slim format snus is perfect for anyone who wants to stay nicotine-free but still enjoys the buzz of snus.

Each can of Velo Winterchill contains 21 pieces of nicotine pouches, making it the perfect size to take on the go. And with its slim format, it's easy to use and discreet to carry.

But Velo Winterchill isn't just great for its taste and format. It's also perfect for those who care about their health. As a tobacco-free snus, Velo Winterchill contains no harmful tobacco and is a healthier alternative to traditional snus. Plus, it's not harmful to your teeth and doesn't leave stains on your clothes.

So why wait? Try Velo Winterchill today and experience the refreshing taste and strong nicotine kick that you crave, all without the negative effects of tobacco. Order now and enjoy the benefits of nicotine without the health risks. Buy Velo Winterchill snus now and join the growing number of people who are choosing a healthier way to enjoy snus.