Skruf Superwhite NO.54 Fresh Mint Xtra

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Taste, Mint
Format, Slim
Nicotine, 18 mg.
Pieces in can, 24
Strength, Strong


Taste  Mint
Format Slim
Nicotine 18 mg.
Pieces in can 24
Strength Strong

Skruf Superwhite No. 54 Fresh Mint Xtra: Intensely Refreshing

Dive into the invigorating world of Skruf Superwhite No. 54 Fresh Mint Xtra, a strong nicotine pouch designed for those who desire a profound minty experience paired with a robust nicotine kick. This product delivers 18mg of nicotine per slim pouch, providing an intense yet enjoyable mint flavor that satisfies serious mint lovers. Each can holds 24 pouches, perfect for those who seek a powerful, long-lasting nicotine satisfaction with the crisp essence of mint.

Bold Mint Flavor for a Powerful Sensation Skruf Superwhite No. 54 Fresh Mint Xtra is all about delivering an impactful mint experience. The mint flavor is bold and pronounced, offering a deep cooling effect that refreshes your breath and invigorates your senses. It’s designed for those who love a strong, clear mint taste that leaves a lasting impression and provides a substantial cooling sensation.

Strong Nicotine Content for Maximum Impact With a strong nicotine strength of 18mg per pouch, Skruf Superwhite No. 54 is ideal for experienced nicotine users who require a more potent dose. The high nicotine content enhances the mint flavor, making each pouch a powerful source of satisfaction and energy. This product is tailored for those who need a significant nicotine boost to get through their day or for those looking to reduce their intake by satisfying cravings with fewer pouches.

Slim Pouches for Discreet Usage Despite its strong impact, Skruf Superwhite No. 54 Fresh Mint Xtra comes in a slim pouch format that fits discreetly under the lip. This design ensures that even the most potent mint and nicotine experience can be enjoyed subtly, without compromising the intensity. The slim pouches are comfortable, easy to use, and perfect for those seeking discretion with their nicotine consumption.

Energize Your Routine with Fresh Mint Xtra Skruf Superwhite No. 54 Fresh Mint Xtra is more than just a nicotine pouch; it’s a vital part of your daily routine, offering a burst of freshness and energy when you need it most. Whether you’re starting your day, heading into a long meeting, or needing a post-meal refresh, this product delivers a strong minty blast that revitalizes and satisfies.

Explore the dynamic and intense world of Skruf Superwhite No. 54 Fresh Mint Xtra. Let its strong mint flavor and high nicotine content transform your nicotine experience into something extraordinary, providing you with a powerful, fresh, and satisfying burst every time.

Skruf Superwhite NO.54 Fresh Mint Xtra

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