Supreme Grape

Supreme Grape


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Taste Grape
Format Slim
Nicotine 150 mg.
Pieces in can 20
Strength Incredibly strong / not for beginners

Supreme Grape: Unleash the Power of Intense Grape Flavor

Introducing Supreme Grape, an incredibly strong nicotine pouch designed for the experienced user seeking an extreme nicotine experience. With a staggering 150 mg of nicotine per pouch, this product is among the strongest on the market, offering an intense burst of flavor and a profound nicotine kick. Packed in a slim format with 20 pieces per can, Supreme Grape combines the sweet and tart essence of grapes with an unmatched strength, making it suitable only for those who can handle an incredibly potent nicotine dosage.

Rich and Robust Grape Flavor Supreme Grape delivers a bold grape flavor that captures the natural sweetness and slight acidity of ripe grapes. This vibrant taste is designed to provide a satisfying flavor burst that compleates the high nicotine content, offering a robust and enjoyable tasting experience from start to finish.

Extremely High Nicotine Content for Maximum Impact With 150 mg of nicotine in each pouch, Supreme Grape is specifically crafted for veteran nicotine users who demand the highest strength available. This product is not for beginners but aimed at those who have developed a high tolerance to nicotine and are looking for a product that truly stands out in terms of potency and impact.

Slim and Discreet Pouches for Convenient Use Despite its powerful effects, Supreme Grape comes in a slim pouch format that ensures discretion and comfort. Easily fitting under the lip, these pouches allow for a subtle and unobtrusive use, enabling users to enjoy the intense grape flavor and powerful nicotine hit in any setting, be it at home, at work, or while out and about.

Designed for the Experienced and Adventurous Supreme Grape is more than just a nicotine pouch; it's an adventure in extreme flavor and strength. It's designed for the fearless and experienced users who seek to push the boundaries of what nicotine pouches can offer. This product challenges the norms and delivers a powerful experience that is unmatched in the market.

Explore the daring world of Supreme and let Supreme Grape redefine your expectations of strength and flavor in nicotine pouches. It's the ultimate choice for anyone seeking the highest level of nicotine satisfaction coupled with a delicious grape taste.