Velo Blushy Berry

Velo Blushy Berry


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Format Slim
Nicotine 8 mg
Pieces in can 20
Strength Strong

Velo Blushy Berry: The Vibrant Evolution

Discover the fresh-faced Velo Ruby Berry, now rebranded as Velo Blushy Berry. This exciting name change ushers in a lush berry blend, offering the same delightful berry experience with a new, enticing identity.

Dive Into the Berry Delight of Velo Blushy Berry

Velo Blushy Berry invites you to immerse yourself in a world where juicy berries meet a hint of sweetness, creating a perfect medley for those seeking a rich, fruit-inspired nicotine journey. This revamped formula brings forward a luscious berry flavor, ideal for refreshing your senses and adding a touch of sweetness to your day.

Designed for Seamless Enjoyment and Discretion

Each slim pouch of Velo Blushy Berry is meticulously designed for discreet use and optimal comfort, allowing you to enjoy the essence of mixed berries discreetly. With a balanced nicotine strength, it ensures a pleasurable experience that caters to both novices and veterans in search of a berry-infused nicotine option.

Your Daily Berry Companion in a Pouch

Velo Blushy Berry stands as more than just a nicotine pouch; it's a daily invitation to bask in the splendor of berries. Whether amidst daily tasks or during moments of leisure, these pouches provide a convenient and delightful berry escape, making every use an occasion to savor.

Embrace a New Chapter in Nicotine Enjoyment

With Velo Blushy Berry, experience the innovation and quality that enthusiasts have come to cherish. This tobacco-free alternative offers a modern and health-conscious way to enjoy nicotine, marrying the pleasure of berry flavors with the benefits of a smokeless experience.

Step into the vibrant essence of Velo Blushy Berry and let this novel flavor transform your nicotine pouch experience. With its radiant berry taste and a harmonious blend of sweet undertones, it's poised to become your preferred choice for an enriching, berry-filled nicotine delight.