ZoneX Mint Breeze.

ZoneX Mint Breeze


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Taste  Mint
Format Slim
Nicotine 11 mg.
Pieces in can 24
Strength Weak

ZoneX Mint Breeze: Gentle Refreshment with Every Pouch

Welcome to the refreshing world of ZoneX Mint Breeze, where the gentle caress of mint meets the perfect hint of nicotine. This product offers a subtly invigorating mint flavor in a slim pouch format, delivering a mild 11mg of nicotine per pouch. Each can holds 24 pieces, designed for those who prefer a lighter, more soothing nicotine experience that's infused with a fresh minty essence.

Subtle Mint Flavor for Soft Refreshment ZoneX Mint Breeze is crafted to provide a delicate and refreshing mint experience. The flavor is carefully balanced to be mild and soothing, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy the freshness of mint without the overwhelming intensity often found in stronger mint products. This gentle approach ensures that each pouch enhances your day with a breath of fresh air, leaving your mouth feeling clean and refreshed.

Light Nicotine Strength for Easy Enjoyment With a nicotine strength of 11mg, ZoneX Mint Breeze offers a weak to medium intensity that is perfect for users looking for a mild but noticeable nicotine sensation. This strength is ideal for those new to nicotine pouches or for users seeking a slight boost that complements the natural mint flavor without dominating the experience.

Sleek, Discreet, and Convenient The slim design of the ZoneX Mint Breeze pouches ensures they fit snugly and discreetly under the lip, providing comfort and ease of use throughout the day. Whether you are at work, at home, or on the go, these pouches are your discreet companion, allowing you to enjoy a moment of minty freshness whenever you desire.

A Refreshing Addition to Your Daily Routine ZoneX Mint Breeze is more than just a nicotine pouch; it's a lifestyle enhancement. It's designed for those who appreciate subtlety and a gentle touch in their flavor and nicotine preferences. The clean, refreshing taste of mint combined with a carefully moderated nicotine content makes each pouch a small yet significant pleasure.

Embark on a journey of gentle refreshment with ZoneX Mint Breeze. Its carefully crafted mint flavor and mild nicotine strength promise a soothing, enjoyable experience that refreshes your senses and lightly stimulates your day. It's the perfect choice for anyone seeking a mild, refreshing way to enjoy nicotine with the clean taste of mint.