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Candy is the newest addition to the EuropeSnus family, by the makers of Supreme and Iceberg, Candy is sure to become a favourite among the avid consumers. With one of the most variants included in the collection, the number of nicotine scales from 80-120 mg. Energy drink, Fruit punch and Pineapple are just a peek of some of the bestselling flavors out of 19 variants.  

All the flavors

Every can from Candy is available to buy for 5,00€ and contains 20 pouches. All pouches are strong and are of a slim format.

Some examples of the different variants with different content of mg of nicotine. 

Energy drink: contain 80 mg of nicotine.
Aperol Spritz: contain 120 mg of nicotine which means that it is one of the strongest in the collection.

Candy is thereby a strong product with 80-120 mg of nicotine. 

Is candy a tobacco-free?

The answer is yes. Candy only contains nicotine and does not contain tobacco and by saying that, tobacco-free.