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Rabbit snus is the newest edition, to Nicobits ever growing collection

What is Rabbit snus?

Rabbit nicotine pouch is an all white nicotine pouch produced by Nicobit. Rabbit snus has 2 different strengths, Regular and Strong. Rabbit snus is not tobacco and does not contain any tobacco products.

Rabbit nicotine pouches are new and made from water, salt, propylene glycol, flavorings, and nicotine. Rabbit snus does not cause tooth staining or bad breath like cigarettes or other tobacco products do.

Rabbit snus is available in both X-strong and eXtreme varieties. The X-strong variety has about 26mg of nicotine per can, while the strong variety contains about 50mg. Simultaneously, the nicotinic level of these products is significantly higher than that of other Rabbit pouches. This makes Rabbit nicotine pouches the most powerful line produced by Nicobit, in contrast to the previously mentioned BIT, which has a strength of 20 mg/g.

Rabbit snus by Nicobit

Nicobit is a european manufacturer of nicotine pouches based in Lithuania. Their first collection was the well known BIT and Rabbit snus is the latest addition to the Nicobit family.

Rabbit snus comes with a nicotine strength of either 26 mg/g or 50 mg/g, this makes Rabbit snus the strongest collection Nicobit have ever produced, contrary to the before mentioned BIT which have a strength of 20 mg/g. 

Rabbit snus flavors 

Rabbit snus comes in 3 diffrent delicious flavors. Rabbit Blue Ice, Rabbit Ice Hemp and Rabbit Pepper Mint.

How to use Rabbit nicotine pouches

Rabbit nicotine pouches are used by placing a pouch of snus under the upper lip. The nicotine is absorbed through the mucous membrane and into the bloodstream. Rabbit nicotine pouches can be used for up to 30 minutes before it needs to be replaced.

Rabbit nicotine pouches prices

All the products on the website vary in price, but Rabbit is one of the cheapest we have in our assortment if you buy a minimum of 240 cans.

Rabbit peppermint, Blue Ice and Ice Hemp are available for €5,60 per can on the website. If you buy 240 cans or more, they cost €2,85 per can.