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Choose your favorite and enjoy Skruf snus long-lasting and slim portions wherever you are and whatever you like to do!

Skruf snus are nicotine pouches that are 100% tobacco free. Skruf snus are medium nicotine pouches which contain 12 mg. nicotine.

What is Skruf snus?

The story behind Skruf snus starts in 2002, and since then they have been known for their creativity and modern flavours in the nicotine market.

Today, Skruf Super White is one of the most popular brands in the all white market. Their original brand offers different nicotine pouches where you can find everything from blackcurrant flavour to an innovative and exciting flavour of mint with White Fresh.

You can get all Skruf snus variants for 5,70€ per can.

Skruf snus is used in the same way as all other nicotine pouches. You place the nicotine pouch under your upper lip and spit it out after 5-30 minutes. Skruf is 100% tobacco-free.

Skruf snus contains 24 nicotine pouches in each can.

Which Skruf snus is the best?

This is a matter of taste and depends on who you are. All Skruf's nicotine sachets contain 12 mg of nicotine per 1 gram, so they are all medium strength. Skruf Super White Fresh is the most popular among consumers. Skruf has a ton of different flavors right now though we only have 2 of them at EuropeSnus, if the product is a success the range will be expanded too! Skruf is the biggest brand in Norway where every second can sold is Skruf, in the same way they are now trying to enter the European market.

We have made a list of the different products here:

Skruf Super White Fresh
Skruf Super White Blackcurrant

White is the new black

Sleek, all-white nicotine pouches made of plant fibers are all the rage in 2018. The success of Skruf Snus cans and now the super white family is available in several different designs and flavors. At EuropeSnus you can get Skruf at some great prices at 5,70€ per can and cheaper if you buy more. We're constantly trying to improve our customers' delivery options, which is why we've given our customers 3 diffrent parcel companies to choose from.