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Zonex snus is a relatively new brand made by those who also made the popular Skruf Snus.

ZoneX snus are nicotine pouches which are 100% tobacco free. ZoneX snus are medium nicotine pouches, which contain 7-16 mg. of nicotine.

What is ZoneX snus?

You can get all ZoneX snus variants for 5,70€ per can.

ZoneX snus contains 24 nicotine pouches in each can.

ZoneX Cold Blast is the most popular among consumers. We have made a list of the different products here:

ZoneX Cold Blast
ZoneX Berry Fresh
ZoneX Mint Breeze

Zone X Cold Blast gives you the traditional taste of mint and peppermint. The one we got on our site is Cold Blast Extra Strong which has a nicotine strength of 16 mg/g.

ZoneX Berry Fresh has the flavours of blackcurrant and mint and is perfect for those looking for a lighter flavour with a softer nicotine strength. The one we have on our site comes with a nicotine strength of 7mg/g.

The event of using ZoneX Mint Breeze lets you encounter a sweeter mint with a persisting taste and a lighter nicotine strength of 7mg/g.

How to use ZoneX snus?

By placing a nicotine pouch under your upper lip, you allow the nicotine to be absorbed through your gums and into your bloodstream. You will feel the nicotine kick immediately. Under normal circumstances, you keep each pouch under your lip for around 20 minutes. Once these 20 minutes have passed, the taste and strength of the pouch begins to fade away slowly.

Although 20 minutes is the recommended time for the best enjoyment, you can of course keep the bags under your lip for up to an hour - it's all about what you prefer.

As ZoneX snus nicotine pouches are an all-white product, they will not leave stains on your teeth as some of the regular snus does. The all-white properties also mean that the liquid that can come from the bags has been minimised, meaning you can enjoy the taste and nicotine level in your bag for longer.

ZoneX snus is 100% tobacco-free.

What is in the ZoneX snus pouches?

As they are completely tobacco-free, ZoneX pouches instead use plant fibres along with nicotine as a filler. The sachet also contains flavourings, humectants to keep the sachets moist and sodium chloride and sodium carbonate to ensure stability. So there's nothing in your bag that you wouldn't expect to find in ordinary supermarket food.

The good news is that ZoneX nicotine pouches are 100% gluten-free!